I’m finally doing this

**Disclaimer: I’m new to this whole blogging thing, and I already feel like I am talking to myself via a virtual diary. I apologize if things get weird**

Let me preface by saying that I’ve always been hesitant to create a blog. As much as I love writing without boundaries, it has always been hard for me to sit down and form my thoughts into a collective piece that is suitable to publish on a public site. Sharing your story and contributing your opinion in such an organic fashion is often accompanied by vulnerability- a feeling I actively avoid.

Perhaps my most convincing hesitation is my conscience humming “who cares what you have to say?” or better yet “WHAT would you even say?” I am certainly no expert in any particular subject, and at the youngish age of 21, I am by no means qualified to give sound advice.

At this point you might be thinking “Chill. It is LITERALLY just a blog.”  Admittedly, I have spent entirely too long procrastinating the inevitable creation of my own glorified diary. BUT, because I know you are all dying to know why I finally caved, here is an itemized list of my personal favorite benefits of blogging:

  1. Blogs humanize the internet- they provide a medium in which people can freely write about their passions, experiences, tragedies, thoughts, interactions- a place where stories can be told.
  2. Blogs help build your personal brand and social presence/ identity! If used wisely and effectively, the sky is the limit
  3. Blogs help exercise your “writers brain.” The more you write, the better you get. Practice makes perfect people!

I am a strong proponent of sharing and story telling. Thus, I have decided to use this site to write about my  own personal experiences, thoughts, tragedies, lessons, and inevitable embarrassing moments that I will surely encounter.

I don’t want to spoil the intrigue, but I won’t leave you completely clueless either. Here are a few “need to know” aspects of who I am and why I am:

My name is Ashley Job. I am a senior at the University of Tennessee studying public relations with a minor in business administration.

I am from a small town outside of Nashville called Fairview, TN (emphasis on small). I am the daughter of two amazing parents, Phil and Rene Job, who taught me to work hard, dream big, and to always believe in GIRL POWER !


My younger sister, Heidi, is a bright star in my life. She is pixie dust and happiness and moonlight in human form.  She definitely holds the title of “favorite daughter” (trust me, she deserves it.)

I super love the outdoors, natural lighting, sun roofs, Kings of leon, Kanye West,  running, reading,succulents, traveling, sweet potatoes, hiking, my friends, my family, unicorns, and Lord of the Rings.

I am graduating in May and will be entering the real working world. I have hopes of moving to either Chicago, Atlanta, or Nashville (or any bigger city) to begin my career as a public relations practitioner. Though I am not completely sure which areas of public relations I want to pursue, I am open to anything. I am excited to work in many different environments so that I can discover which areas my capabilities serve the best purpose.

Eventually, I plan to narrow the function and theme of my blog into one succinct category. Once I find a topic that I feel comfortable with/ passionate about, I will make this transition. I hope to continue my blog post college as a way of maintaining my online presence and continuing to practice writing without boundaries.

This is quite possibly the longest first post anyone has ever done. For those of you who are still with me, I applaud you. I hope this hasn’t been a complete waste of your time.

Until next time, my friends.


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