5 Downsides to Being a RedHead

I am a red head, and no matter how much I’ve tried to fight it, it has influenced a large part of my personal identity. I’m glad that I have red hair because it has given me a unique feature that I have not had to put forth any personal effort to achieve.  I never had to practice for hours to be great at the tremolo harmonica or stretch daily so I could put my foot behind my head. I am a red head (see “special skills” in my résumé).

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
It me!

While I like to convince myself that I was chosen by Zeus himself to carry this burden, there is in fact science behind it. Red hair is caused by the mutation of the MC1R gene, a mutation that affects less than 2% of the world’s population. Thus, the following information is #NotRelatable to the other 98% of the world. However, if you are interested in learning about my daily struggled, here are 5 downsides to being a natural red head:

  1. Sunburns: There is no amount of sunscreen in the world to protect us from the sun’s vengeful rays. Apply 100 SPF every 15 minutes, or you end up looking like a well done lobster. The word “tan” isn’t in our vocabulary

  1. If you’re like me, you actively try to avoid acquaintances in any public situation. However, when your hair looks like a damn fire, it is difficult to go incognito unless your disguise includes a wig.
  2. Accustom to Ginger Jokes: THANKS SOUTH PARK
  3. Freckles: Whether you love them or hate them, freckles are out there. If you’re a red head, you probably have them. While I’ve grown to love mine, they have often been mistaken for ticks, dirt, cancerous moles, and my personal favorite- zits.
  4. We’re going extinct: All good things must come to an end, but hopefully our demise is less painful than the dinosaurs.

    Two rare creatures who have extinction in common

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