The Young & the Restless

Hello, my name is Ashley Job, and I am suffering from wanderlust– an incurable disease that has taken over every part of my body and being, and refuses to leave. I am a helpless host, and no amount of Aspirin or Tylenol can save me now.

The constant ache of repetition and monotony partnered with a yearn for excitement and adventure damages the mind, soul, and body. It consumes your every thought and influences every decision you make.

It is inescapable. However, like the millions of others suffering from this disease, I must learn to live with its afflictions. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, here are 4 signs that you too are a wanderer.

Constant Yearning:

A wanderer craves travel like a smoker craves nicotine. Though it is not fatal, every day without adventure feels empty and meaningless.

Blurred Vision:

It is hard to stay focused and be present in daily life. Most moments are spent reminiscing on old adventures and dreaming of new ones- finding joy in life’s daily activities is a struggle.

Tight Budget

This disease is often costly. In your mind, each new paycheck brings the opportunity to plan a new adventure- “savings” is usually not in your vocabulary unless the end goal is a trip to foreign lands.

Fatal Repetition

The stillness and redundancy of remaining in one place for too long is your vice. You long for a place that brings new settings and new sights filled with things you have never seen. Normalcy isn’t your forte.

No matter how far you go or how many times you go- the craving for travel will never cease.

Though nothing can cure this illness completely, their are some remedies and medicines that keep the aching at bay. I recommend a daily dose of sunshine sprinkled with laughter, friendship, and physical activity. I would also prescribe mini biweekly adventures to keep the nostalgia flares away.

Though living with wanderlust is painful, it is proven that those who bear this burden live life to the fullest- always seeking adventure and craving the magic of truly living. 


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