Stay Woke


The current state of our world isn’t always pleasant. The constant conflict and turmoil seen on the news can be hard to stomach and hard to believe.

The exposure to bias media paired with the influence of social media can have us second guessing what is fact and what is fiction. Yes, the truth can be hard to find, but it is our responsibility as informed citizens to never stop searching for the truth. 

Moreover, we cannot ignore the things that make us uncomfortable. Now more than ever, it is imperative that  we remain informed during the shitstorm that is taking place around us. We must STAY WOKE.


A new era is approaching- Millennials are using their voices to make a change. Staying informed and aware of the political and social conflicts is becoming “trendy.”


Though it is nearly impossible to consume bias- free media, there are some ways to avoid falling into the trap of believing incorrect information.

#1 Not everyone you follow on social media is an expert! Your great aunt Edna who posted on Facebook about Hillary Clinton’s love child with Jay-Z probbbabbbllyyy isn’t who you want to receive information from.

#2 VERSIFY YOUR NEWS OUTLETS! Don’t read or listen to news that obviously agrees with everything you believe. It is good to hear both sides of the story

#3 Download news apps! The world does not slow down, so you must demand quick and accessible access to information. Download news apps on your mobile device so you can receive notifications of major events/ can read it whenever you have a free second.

Our world is not a horrible place. It is filled with life, culture, diversity, happiness, miracles, and love. However, we must continue to fight against injustice to keep it that way.

As a young adult female who is ready to start being the change, I. Stay. Woke.


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