Now that I have lured you here with the promise of a food related post with a tantalizing photo of mac and cheese, I must admit that I have mis-led you. (No, I am not above using the power of Mac and Cheese for evil purposes).

I won’t force you to keep reading, but since you’re already here, ya might as well 😉 Here is my quick spiel about my fascination with the alluring link between sense and memory. Bon Appetit!

The taste and smell of a memory can be all different flavors. They tend to evoke familiarity or comfort, and they are completely unique to each individual. It is fascinating how one simple sniff, touch, or taste can elicit a whirl of remembrance.

I particularly enjoy reminiscing  on great times of life because it reminds me how much I have to be thankful for. Life is awesome ppl!!

My most potent senses are sure to be different from yours, but I hope this helps to stir some of your own fond memories 🙂

#1 Mac and Cheese

Admittedly, the smell is enough to make my mouth water. However, the three senses combined (smell, taste, touch) give me a complete flashback to my childhood days when my father would cook my sister and I his famous mac and cheese- or “cheesy shells” as we liked to call them. Every Wednesday night after we all came home from work and school, mac and cheese was on the menu. I was very small when the tradition started, but it continued until my sister and I left for college.

#2 Books

The feeling of holding a great book in my palms will forever remind me of my grandfather. He was a loving father, a caring grandfather, and an incredible writer/ author.  He showed me the power of a pen, and he taught me how to be intentional with my words. Though he is not with us anymore, his lessons live on through his books. The physical presence of a bound book is great company.


#3 Dead Fish

Though this smell is usually repulsive, it reminds me of my favorite family tradition. Each summer, my ENTIRE family goes on a week long camping trip to Pickwick Lake in West TN. We rough it on the bank of a lake, with no electricity, a subpar bathhouse, and frequent monsoon type storms- but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My family is big and loud and tons of fun, and I am continually reminded of how #blessed I am to walk through life with them by my side.

#4 Camp Fire

I spent two summers of my life working as a camp counselor at the most magical place on Earth- Camp Whippoorwill. I gained sooooo much that summer- friendship, happiness, laugh lines, knowledge, and a sense of leadership. It pains me to know that I will never be able to relive those summer days with the kiddos and my counselor pals, but it is a constant reminder to live each moment to its fullest potential.


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