The End is NEAR

There are exactly 19 days, 4 hours and 51 minutes until I graduate from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville… but who’s counting?

As I sit in Hodges Library grudgingly thinking about all of the school work I have procrastinated to do, I remember that soon I will never have this moment again. Soon, I will walk through Hodges for the last time. I will sit through lecture for the last time. I will pass Neyland Stadium on my way to class for the last time. I will submit a paper for the last time. I will check my student email for the last time. I will be a student for THE LAST TIME!!!!

So many “lasts” are coming, and the nostalgia is setting in.

With graduation day getting closer and closer, I have at least two emotional breakdown a week. I am bombarded with the overwhelming presence of the “unknown.” Though I am thrilled to end my 17 year career as a full time student, a large part of me is nervous about what the future holds. Basically everything in my life is going to change, and that terrifies me. The real world is waiting at the end of May with open arms, but I am afraid it is going to swallow me whole!

So, the best way I cope with the fear of the future is to reminisce on the past.

group1The past four years at UT have been unforgettable. As I look back on my college career, I think about everything this university has given me- my best friends, my favorite memories, my greatest role models, my loudest laughs & my widest smiles, and so much more. The long hours in the library, the countless all nighters, and all of the pain that comes with being a student is so small in comparison to all of the good.

The end is coming, and I am happy/ scared/ excited/ anxious. However, I am confident in the education I have received at the University of Tennessee. It has truly been a home sweet home to me.


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